Estate and Trust Planning

Planning for the future can be overwhelming. We understand how difficult important decisions regarding wills and estate planning can be. We craft simple or complex estate plans that meet our clients’ specific personal and business needs while maximizing tax savings.

We take the time to listen to our clients’ concerns and to present them with a variety of solutions. These may involve implementing an estate freeze transaction, drafting a trust tailored to meet the client’s particular situation, drafting or coordinating multiple wills to deal with assets in different jurisdictions, or negotiating a charitable bequest. In every case, we ensure that the will, trust, and other relevant documents are drafted carefully to achieve the client’s objectives.

We assist our clients to prepare for the possibility of their own illness or incapacity, preparing mandates in the event of incapacity, general mandates (powers of attorney) and alter ego, self-benefit or spousal trusts as may be best suited for the particular situation.

We also guide our clients in creating effective structures to care for the financial needs of their special needs dependents and beneficiaries.