Tax Planning

We offer a full range of tax advisory services for all types of clients; individual, corporate, and non-profit.

We work with our clients to develop creative yet practical and, at all times, tax-efficient solutions to the unique tax, personal, and business challenges faced by our clients. We advise high net worth individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and executives on all aspects of personal tax planning.

We guide registered charities, non-profit organizations, and their benefactors to ensure that their respective activities and donations meet their stated objectives. We offer comprehensive tax and practical advice throughout the life cycle of our clients’ businesses from start-ups to international expansion to succession planning.

For our clients undertaking a new venture, we analyse the clients’ business objectives against the relevant tax rules to develop a structure that meets our clients’ tax and commercial needs.

We review the costs and benefits of different forms of financing, draft shareholder or partnership agreements to address the entrance and exit of business associates, prepare purchase and sale agreements, craft business reorganizations, plan mergers and acquisitions, and devise strategies for international investment, ensuring at every stage of the process that we listen to our clients’ needs in order to provide them with practical, innovative, and tax-effective advice. Our clients know that we will work beside them, every step of the way.